The Colorado Network (TCN) is a collaborative effort between close to half of Colorado’s rural hospitals and their associated physicians to address challenges with payer contracting, payer relations and provider relations.

We are a dues supported network of providers with a sliding fee scale for members that allows them to delegate their managed care contracting, and if desired, provider credentialing, to the Network. Members pay dues based on their relative net revenues and TCN becomes the member’s ‘managed care departments. The sliding scale costs allows members to benefit from managed care contracting and credentialing expertise that would otherwise be unaffordable to all but the largest of the Network’s members.

With a tight focus on managed care, credentialing, claims troubleshooting costs are kept to a minimum. While the principles and founding ideals allow for any collaborative initiative the members approve, the focus has kept us from pursuing every good idea that comes down the road. This also keeps costs affordable.

The Colorado Network exists to assist hospitals, physicians and patients in rural Colorado meet challenges in order to maintain a healthcare system in small towns that meets the needs of all concerned.


John Leavitt